A Dream of Intimacy and Desire

I'm safely wrapped in your arms, the light steady breeze

of your breath on my skin as we luxuriate in the afterglow; 

a strand of my hair has fallen across your face, 

I reach out to lift it off, careful not to

wake you, but I can't resist to touch you

while I watch you sleep. I smooth my palm against your cheek,

trace a finger along your lips and feel them curve in a smile.

You nip my fingertip, teeth grazing my skin,

an instantly arousing sensation.

We kiss, caress, explore, draw back,

a sensual dance, a constant sway,

poised on the precipice,

between passion rekindled,



This is my fantasy and my reality.

Moments of intimate connection interchanged with ardent frenzy

and silent reflection, forever riding the crest of the wave.

Could it be yours, too?