Covid 19: "Are sex workers more exposed to the virus? Am I as a client therefore more exposed if I continue to see sex workers during the outbreak? What can I do as a provider/ as a client, to protect myself and my client/ provider?"

The answer to these questions will depend in large parts on how you plan on taking care of yourself and others during a public health crisis. Personally, I don't believe that sex workers are more exposed or vulnerable to an infectious virus than any other client facing service industry employees, or professionals whose schedule requires them to travel frequently and come into close physical contact with many different people. Because of the nature of our work, sex workers are already used to monitoring their health, going for regular check ups and applying good personal hygiene. We are also diligent when it comes to self care by watching our diet, fitness and mental health since it all affects our energy levels and, now even more importantly, our immunity.


We all have to carry out our own risk assessment and decide how we are going to go on with our regular life and work activities while minimizing risk. For myself, as a touring companion who is used to traveling far and wide, it means changing to a more sedentary lifestyle, restricting my personal and business travels as well as limiting the numbers of appointments I take.

From you as a client, I expect the same attention to hygiene and personal responsibility, that you are honest when I inquire about your recent travel history, that you don't come to a date feeling unwell, just as I will not go into a booking if I'm not in peak condition.

Everyone will have their own coping system, their own requirements of what makes them feel safe. The situation is ever evolving and we have to improvise and adapt as best as we can. The important thing is to stay informed, be patient and be kind to one another and use common sense rather than to give in to paranoia and xenophobia. Remember, fear is a virus as well :)

The most marginalized among us will suffer the most, survival sex workers who don't have the option to stop working, work less or choose their clients, who don't have access to government assistance packages and subsidies. The only help they may get will be coming from their local sex worker support group. If you have funds to spare, please consider making a donation to your local fundraiser, you can find information online or on social media like this list compiled by Sexworkeurope.org

Further reading on how the Covid-19 pandemic impacts sex workers, read this great article

P.S. Shoutout to the individuals who have reached out to me, asking if there is anything they can do to support me through this turmoil. Like most of my FSSW colleagues, I am bracing myself for an unknown period of serious disruption and an even more uncertain future. I am not so badly off yet, that I have to ask for charity. Instead, taking a leaf from my resourceful peers, I am looking into creating digital content and virtual gfe exclusively for patrons who offer some form of material support. More on my Spoil-Me Page

P.P.S. My Onlyfans page is up and running. Please contact me for the link. If you prefer to have my selfies sent directly to your inbox, there are more than 3 dozen sets of never before published explicit selfies ready for purchase by interested parties. Please use my contact form to inquire about details.

What SERVICES do you offer?

Whether you like or hate acronyms, for the sake of transparency, I present you with a list of what I offer and what I don't offer: to see my comprehensive list of Yes, please! or Don't-You-Dare! activities, please scroll down

Do you offer EXTRAS?

My rates are all inclusive with the exception of  A-level service, which is only available at my discretion and attracts a surcharge of 200 euro / chf / gbp or 300sgd. 


You only incur added expenses when you ask me to travel to you, buy a special outfit or accessories, book a hotel room for our rendezvous etc. These will be quoted to you and need to be paid in full before our meeting.

WHERE can I meet you?

As an international travel companion, I go where my clients need me and where my own wanderlust takes me.


Currently, I'm dividing my time between SEA and EU.

SG/ KL, BKK are the cities where you will find me on a regular basis, Basel, Berlin, London are favorites on the continent, but I am always happy to discover more places.

If you are serious about meeting me, please contact me for pre-screening. Once you are in my circle of trust, you will be notified if I am heading to a city near you.


On the other hand, if you are a man of action, why wait?

Fly/ train me to you :)

How much NOTICE do you require?

I like a man with a plan. The more notice you can give, the greater the chance that I can make my schedule fit yours. You are always welcome to contact me on short notice if you can't plan in advance. You never know when you might get lucky :)

Do you offer Outcall / Incall?

Outcall is the default option, incall is available in some but not all cities I visit. Please reach out to discuss.

HOW SOON can I expect to hear from you?

I don't use an assistant, I answer all my emails myself. Generally I try to reply to all inquiries within 24h, sometimes it may only take a few hours, sometimes you may hear from me the next day. If you don't hear back from me, I may be busy, or I may be selective. If you can't be bothered writing a proper enquiry, I won't bother writing back :)

Do you mind a client's AGE, RACE, DISABILITY?

The only way a client disqualifies himself is by not respecting my boundaries, refusing to follow my booking process and failing screening. I don't care about your age, weight, height, nationality, ethnic background, religious or political affilia-tion, if you can't play by my rules, you don't get to play at all. Disabled clients, please explain the nature of your disability so I can be mindful!

For more info on what I find ok in a client, read my blog

When are you AVAILABLE?

My schedule is fluid, I don't have a set preference, weekdays are as good as weekends, daytime trysts can be as pleasurable as night time assignations.

How should I take care of the Business Part?

At the beginning of our meeting, ideally in an open envelope, left on the table, discreetly of course when we meet in public. Some clients like to tuck it into a book, a gift bag or flower bouquet. It's really up to you which method suits you best.

What currencies do you accept?

Generally, I expect your consideration in the currency of the country where we meet. I may accept a different currency but you need to check with me first before we meet, unless you are adding the foreign currency as a tip. Notes should be clean, not scribbled on, torn, or badly discolored . 

Do you accept cashless payments?

Cash is king for now. I accept a number of gift vouchers for deposit payments. Bank/wire transfer may be an option too. I may be open to barter but you'd have to come up with something spectacular to gain my interest :)

What is your Deposit/ Cancellation Policy?

To separate the genuine clients from the timewasters, a small deposit (usually 10% of the total booking fee plus travel expenses where applicable) is required to secure your appointment. Travel expenses are non refundable but deposits can be put forward to the next booking if you reschedule within 6 months.

How much to Fly You To Me?

The minimum duration for a Fly Me booking is 2 hours private time. For tailor made packages, you are welcome to contact me for a quote, I'm happy to discuss details via email. 

Travel expenses and hotel lodgings need to be paid in advance to confirm your booking and are non-refundable.

For longer dates, e.g. multiple day escapes, I am happy to offer preferential package deals.

Alternatively, you may try to catch me if I happen to come to a city near you. If you want to know about any such current offers or keep up to date on future pop ups, I highly recommend that you pre-screen and join my mailing list via my contact page.

Do you SCREEN?

Yes, I would be foolish not to, safety comes first! I try to keep the screening process as discreet and hasslefree as possible. I accept various forms of verification, references where feasible, or a professional online profile can go a long way to put my mind at ease.


"The Menu"


What I do best is often described as a girlfriend experience - pure intimacy, unrushed, passionate, sensual, with a hint of wickedness, a bit of kink, naughty but nice. Those who have experienced it and prefer it will know that it is less about ticking off a list of services than the quality of the time we spend together, the connection we build, the mutual satisfaction of delighting in each other's pleasures.


But for those who seek a more prosaic description, I have assembled a list of acronyms you will be well familiar with.


The list of DONT'S looks short, but it is important to me that you understand that these are the things that are outside of my comfort zone, which means they're not up for negotiation and any attempt from you to do so will result in me tearing your head off and use it as a pin cushion. 

If you are specifically looking for these services, there are untold numbers of providers out there who will take your money, you will be much happier in their hands.


- No unprotected services.

- No scat, spit or blood play.

- No bondage or other forms of restraints on me unless previously discussed and agreed.

- Any activity that puts my personal safety at risk or might offend the public (e.g. outdoor play).

- Light spanking is fine, but nothing that leaves marks on my skin (no hickies, bruises, scratches, etc.).


Below you'll find the activities I'd be glad to include in our explorations. The list is not exhaustive, so if there is something you don't see in this post that you like to try, I'm open to suggestions. If some of these terms are unfamiliar to you, just ask, or better, google it, as I had to do myself on a few occasions :)


DFK (hint: oral hygiene, brush, floss, gargle mouth wash, chew mints)

DATY (on me, on you - if you are a lady - and on your lady friend)

Rimming (on me)

Greek at my discretion and for an added fee of 200 euro/ chf/ gbp. Advance notice required.

COB, COF (avoid eyes, nose, ears and lips)

Erotic full body massage, body slide with oil, silicon lube or nuru* (*extra charge applies, subject to availability)

Prostate massage *snapping on the gloves*

Testicular tongue massage (hint: wash thoroughly and manscape)

Multiple rounds

Multiple positions

Mutual masturbation (light fingering is fine, please read my post on The Art of Fingering)

Couples (MFF+), Orgies (I'm happy to engage with multiple partners of all genders as long as my boundaries are respected), Lesbian doubles, Straight doubles


My Fetish Services include:

Foot fetish (please indicate your preferences, nude, stockings etc.)

Sensual Femdom (light)


Face sitting

Golden shower (on you)

Nipple torture, CBT (on you)

Humiliation, Cuckolding 

Living Doll play

Mummification (on you)

Tease and Denial

Financial Domination

Switch/ Submissive

Consensual Non-consensual Role Play


"R U Real"  -  A Game of 25 Questions


1. Are you real?


Yes, unfortunately they haven't developed a robotic surrogate of me yet.


2. Do you smoke?


I don't smoke, but don't mind if you do.


3. What do you like to drink?


I am at best a social drinker, happy with a split of wine with my dinner, or a sip of champagne while we soak together in the tub. I consume liters of sparkling water and juice every day (blackberry, black current, blueberry, cranberry and cherry are among my favorites, and a special mention goes to the glorious union of white peach and passion fruit!).


I'm crazy about tea. I like to unwind with a cup of TWG Alfonso in the afternoon, a playfully elegant blend of florals and mango, try it if you get the chance, it is the Golden Retriever of teas, comforting, soothing, uplifting, for those moments when you are in need of a friendly presence and a bit of warmth.


Right now, as I am writing this, I'm sipping on a cup of pink rose buds sweetened with a spoonful of honey. I don't always feel like it, but when I do, I crave it with a vengeance. It's too special for an everyday tea, so reserve it for those quiet moments when you can really take the time to savor and appreciate it.

Autumn/winter is oolong  and lapsang souchong tea time for me. I'm only just beginning to appreciate all the different varieties of blue tea, some as light and delicate as green tea, others with an almost tarlike intensity.

I'm also getting more into whisky and here I belong firmly into the Japanese camp - Mars Maltage Cosmo and Nikka From The Barrel.


4. How do you rate yourself compared to other companions?


Clients compare and rate companions. Companions shouldn't put themselves or others up for grading. In my opinion, the rating system is a classist marketing and self validation gimmick favored by review boards and those with an unhealthy obsession with how they are being perceived by the public. 


I follow a number of ladies on Twitter, they are a neverending source of inspiration to me. I may not always like or agree with what others say or how they present themselves but that doesn't make me think less of them or more of myself. I have also written a blog post related to this question titled This is NOT a competition


5. What makes you different from other girls?


We are all different from each other, it's a fact. If you mean by that, why should you see me rather than someone else, my answer is, I don't tell you to see me, you have to decide that for yourself. What I do is present myself as truthfully as possible on my website and social media, so a client gets a feel for my personality and if he likes what he sees and wants to get to know me in person, he can reach out and make an appointment.


It's not about the hard sell. It's about chemistry and a connection. It's intuitive, sometimes instant, often emotive but it always starts with the seed of attraction. People either are attracted to someone or they are not, not because you convince them to.


6. Are your pictures recent and genuine?


With 2 exceptions, all the pictures you see on my website were taken by myself. The majority of them were first posted on my Twitter account, so you can see for yourself which ones are the most recent. The person in the pictures is me, different parts of me, in varying states of undress, but always me. I don't use airbrushing in post-production but I like to play with filters and lighting to achieve a certain mood and aesthetic. If that makes a picture inauthentic to you, I'd like to point out, that I also wear make up, use body lotion, hair serum, nail polish etc. A woman has to be allowed a certain amount of artifice to create her best self which she shows to the public. Someone who is not even a client yet, let alone a lover, has no privileges where her most private self is concerned. In any case, privileges may be given, but can never be asked for.


7. Can I film/ take photos of you?


No and no.


8. Can I request that you wear something specific for me?


If I have it in my wardrobe, I'm happy to wear it for you. I'll also gladly model any outfits you want to bring to our session (new or freshly laundered ones, of course).


9. Can you sell me Viagra or recreational drugs?


No to both.


10. Can you use a strap-on on me?


Yes, but BYO.


11. Do I need to bring protection?


Tell your bodyguards to wait outside the door and keep your gun safely locked in a shoe box inside your closet, you have nothing to fear from me :) Jokes aside, I always bring my own, but if you prefer your own trusted brand, I only ask that it is not ribbed, flavored or has any heat/cool inducing agent. The same goes for lube, my preferred types are hydrogel and silicone lubes from Pjur or equivalent brands, Nuru gels are a lot of fun too, but leave those flavored and scented ones in the store, they only cause headaches and rashes and that's not sexy at all.


12. Do you see disabled clients?


Yes, please explain the nature of your disability in your initial communication so I can be mindful.


13. Do you do quickies?


In general, my minimum booking is 2 hours. The full rate still applies even if you have to leave earlier.

On occasion, I may offer a qickie special, usually when I am on tour and depending on how I feel. If you are a speedball fanatic, I recommend that you pre-screen, so I can send you a newsflash the next time I'm in your city and feel like a quickie myself :)


14. Do you give discounts to students/ senior citizens/ handsome men?




15. Do you offer 'Extras'?


My rates are generally all-inclusive. The only 'extra' as in additional surcharge applies to Greek. You may incur additional costs if, say, you ask me to buy a specific outfit or toy or book a room or tickets to a show. These expenses would be covered via advance deposit, so you will be notified beforehand of any additional costs.


If by asking for 'extras', you want to know whether I'm willing to perform something that is on my DON'T list if only someone offered a higher compensation, no, there is a reason, why it's on that list and the reason is that it's something that's so far out of my comfort zone, I wouldn't do it for love or money.


16. Is there anyone you won't see?


If you are rude and disrespectful, use threatening and abusive language, seem mentally unstable, pushy, potentially dangerous, if you don't pass screening, if I feel we won't get along because we are not right for each other, if you are not financially dependable... I'm sure I can think of a few more reasons, but these will do to give you an idea.


17. Favorite position?


Depends on your anatomy. I guess, we'll just have to try them all to find the one that feels best! 

If in doubt, your face between my legs is always a welcome sight :)


18. What do you look for in a prospective client?


Trustworthiness, courtesy, hygiene. 


19. Regarding discretion...


Expected and guaranteed.


20. What type of restaurant do you like to be taken out to?


I love all cuisines whether it's Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Asian or European.

I make for an adventurous dinner companion as I'm always up for sampling something I haven't had before. As long as the food is delicious, I don't care whether we eat at a Michelin star restaurant or a family diner or a roadside stall. I'm happy to show you all my favorite eating places, but I'd enjoy it even more if you take me to one of yours.


21. How did you become an escort?


Curiosity got the cat.


22. What do you find irritating behavior in a client?


Being rude to the hotel or restaurant staff.


23. What is the most sensitive part of your body?


The small of my back, the nape of my neck and the back of my knees.


24. What do you enjoy most about being an escort?


Being able to choose when to work, whom to see. To live life on my own terms, it's the greatest luxury and indulgence to not have to compromise.


25. What advice would you give someone who wants to give escorting a try?


Everyone should try escorting once in their lives as an exercise in empathy.

To someone who wants to go into it on a full or part time basis, I have only two words: KNOW THYSELF.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you have a question of your own, feel free to ask.