A woman in love.

A woman to love.

To inspire a person to love.

To be inspired by love.

To be loved.

Allow me to introduce you to the women who inspire me.

Pornstar and luxury companion with 100 percent natural looks.

Shona is intelligent and down to earth making her perfect company for any occasion.

A Renaissance mind in a Greek statue physique.


Where you live shapes the way you see the world. How you shape yourself is an expression of how you see the world. Self mastery is an old fashioned word but it holds in its meaning all the best qualities. The ancient Greeks saw fitness as physical embodiment of virtues of the mind. Vince Lombardi described mental toughness as character in action. I haven't known Cassandra Gray for long but I feel drawn to her light. As an aesthetic, I appreciate the toned taught lines of her fitness model's body. As a person who has struggled for many years to find and become my inner truth, I admire the mental fortitude she possesses to achieve her goals.

"Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventure."

A dauntless spirit, a shining soul that roams as high and wide as a peregrine, a more zestful person you will not meet. Four letter word for gusto, for courage and living each day to the fullest: C-O-R-A

A lady I have the utmost respect for once said something to me that I see as the greatest compliment: "Your brand is authenticity." To know myself and stay uncompromisingly faithful to my own self, has always been my guiding principle in life. Not surprisingly, I like to surround myself with people who share the same values. 

When I first met Brielle, a Japanese expression came to mind. I love the Japanese language for its economy, where simple words are often imbued with complex layers of deeper meanings. You might call someone a 優しい人 to say that they are a nice or well mannered person, but it can also carry an endorsement of their character as someone who is kind and compassionate toward others.


Gentleness and warmth - I give you Brielle Miyamoto.

Ida, my fellow feline, my lioness, whose physical beauty is matched only by her strength of character. In an industry where many are duplicitous and counterfeit, she maintains her best self in every aspect of her life. Her pleasure is as true as yours.

Karla Kalypso  |  Hong Kong and world wide

Divinity, thy name is Karla Kalypso. An accomplished artist, Karla embodies all that is best in the fashion world, glamour, allure, exuberance, creativity.

A sweet and sensual girl with a big smile, she won my heart on our first meeting. Her kisses were deep, her touch tender... oh, how I yearn for her lips!

Ingrid Mars  |  Barcelona and world wide

Life is about living. The greatest pleasures are elementary, the safety of home, a constant friend, the warmth of a woman. When I think of Ingrid, I think of the good life, the taste of sunshine, salt and earth. "The clay was warm the day God made her."

Darcy Sloane  |  UK and world wide

Darcy was my first Twitter crush. She had just embarked on an epic trip through South America and I hung onto her every tweet, all the while asking myself "Who IS this girl?" Because, you see, she is a bit like the rainbow, every tweet she posts reveals a different quality about her. I lusted after her because she was one smart and sexy lady, at the same time I wanted to be best buddies with netflix and pizza. How is it possible that someone so hot could also be so relatable, funny and nice? Well, don't miss your chance to find out :)

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