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Playing the dating game holds no appeal to you, but occasionally you yearn for a lover's muse.  What I offer is an intimate liaison, the thrill of seduction, the comfort of deep kisses and ardent embraces,  fevered lust and soft silence. A relationship that offers the perfect balance between physical attraction and emotional rapport. Allow me to be your indulgence, your sweet escape.

By way of introduction...

My website is my digital self, a way to visualize myself online. For you, I hope, it presents a useful tool to find all the relevant information and get to know the mind behind the picture. Feel free to follow my daily tweets, read about my thoughts on escorting related issues on my blog, and for a better understanding of what I provide, please review my testimonial, rates  and FAQ page.
My looks reflect my mixed Asian heritage, my personality my Western upbringing.​ Sensuous and affectionate by nature, what I offer to you is an intimate unrushed girlfriend style experience. I hope you will share my love for the sensual dance. The mingling of like minds is as strong an aphrodisiac to me as a touch, a glance, or a kiss.

I have a dancer's physique, long of limb, lithe and well proportioned, with slender curves that will perfectly fit into the palm of your hand, a body made for spooning, cuddling and cupping. If you value emotional intelligence and understated elegance in your companion, I'd love to hear from you.
Fiona Lutalica