eating the peach

I once teased a lovely man who had just spent the greater part of an hour eating the peach: "You are like a kid with a bowl of  ice cream." 

He just smiled.  "Well, you are my favorite flavor!"

Few things in this world are as universally loved and enjoyed as sex and ice cream. Both make us smile just by thinking about it, both come in a dazzling variety of flavors, both can drive us mad with cravings and console us like a good friend when we are in need of comfort.

Nothings else is as apt to bring out the kid in adults, make us drop all pretense at self-moderation and restraint and instead abandon ourselves to the pure blissful pleasure of a sweet treat, pushing a spoon into the soft folds and layers and twirling it around, admiring the velvety texture, tongue darting to lick up the melting drops running down the side of the cone... 


So many of my customers enjoy speaking to me 'in tongues', and I enjoy seeing the joy on their sticky faces after they've licked their bowl clean. 


Won't you come in for a taste? I'd love to be your new favorite flavor :)

Single Scoops

1 h        300 euro .  350 usd .  

1.5 h     500 euro .  600 usd .

2 h        600 euro .  700 usd .

3 h        700 euro .  800 usd . 

4 h        800 euro .  900 usd .


1.5 h    400 euro .  450 usd

6 h Dinner Date  1000 euro (incl. travel)

Any city in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland

Favorite Combos

FAQ #20 What type of restaurant do you like to be taken out to?

I love all cuisines whether it's Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Asian or European. I make for an adventurous dinner companion as I'm always up for sampling something I haven't had before. As long as the food is delicious, I don't care whether we eat at a Michelin star restaurant or a family diner or a roadside stall. Let's swap food memories and eating destinations!

4 h  Lunch/ Dinner Date

700 euro .  800 usd .

6 h  Lunch/ Dinner Date

900 euro . 1000 usd . 

A La Mode

There is much to be said for a flat rate package. This is an excellent  choice if your schedule tends to be a bit unpredictable or if you have to alternate between work and pleasure. Wouldn't life be a lot easier if you could keep me on stand-by, ready to await your return at a mo-ment's notice? The 1 Day package is also a good option if you love extended daytime trysts, but have to go home to roost in the evening.

Clockfree  1 Day     

1500 eur​o .  1700 usd 

Clockfree  1 Day + Night

2500 euro .  2850 usd

Dairy Free

If you are a new client, this 'Meet & Greet' is a great way to break the ice and get to know each other, be it over lunch, dinner or afternoon tea. Do you enjoy romance and flirtation? This can be our prelude, a teasingly slow built up to passion consummated. Anticipation is half the foreplay!

1.5 h  Social Date

150 euro​ .  200 usd

3 h  Social Date

250 euro​ .  300 usd

The Sundae

The Classic Overnighter. Start with dinner and finish with breakfast. Falling asleep in each other's arms, spooning under the covers... Someone once compared morning sex to having chocolate cake for breakfast, and I have to agree, there is a special quality to waking up to each other, the deliciously looselimbed feeling upon waking, memories of last night stirring the embers of passion, the scent of sleep on our skin... It's a great aphrodisiac!

12 h  Dusk til Dawn   

1300 euro .  1500 usd .

14 h  Sleep In

1600 euro .  1800 usd .

16 h  Love In

 1900 euro .  2200 usd .

The Ice Cream Sandwich

Whether you are a couple looking to experiment with an additional participant to your boudoir games or someone who wants to make their long harbored  3some fantasy come true, be assured that I play well with others and your invitation to join you with your lady friend is always welcome. Or allow me to spoil you together with one or more of my favorite playmates. The more, the merrier! P.S. Orgy/ swinger club requests POA

1 h  Couple/ Double

400 euro​ .  450 usd

2 h  Couple/ Double

700 euro​ .  800 usd

3 h  Couple/ Double

900 euro​ . 1000 usd

Feel free to contact me for a quote if you are looking for a length or type of booking not listed here, or a quote in your preferred currency.

On Deposits & Cancellations


A deposit is necessary to confirm your appointment to weed out the timewasters from the genuine inquiries.  I will confirm during our initial email communication the amount (usually around 10%, sometimes more depending on the length and type of your desired appointment and how well you did on your screening) and how it can be forwarded.

Schedules change, a delayed plane, an impromptu meeting, a family emergency... we have all been there. Life happens, and if it does, I'll thank you for letting me know as soon as you can, rather than just disappearing, and for your kindness and consideration in offering a cancellation fee (honor system, don't abuse it).

If you need to reschedule your appointment, your deposit can be forwarded to your next booking within 6 months and if you cancel with 48 hours notice. The notice period for Fly Me bookings may fluctuate from a week to 72H prior to my departure for interstate/ intercontinental bookings depending on the length of the booking. The travel expense portion of your deposit is usually forfeit on cancellation, but the booking fee deposit can be applied to your next booking if you observe the cancellation notice period. 

On payment methods & currencies accepted, please read my FAQs.

++   In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, I am limiting my travels to sponsored tours and FMTY dates until further notice.

Please read my post "Is it safe to see sex workers during an pandemic?"

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