- Spoil Me -

Spoiling is a personal choice and may require nothing more than allowing me to share some of your favorite things and in this process become part of your world.
This page is solely for gentlemen who enjoy spoiling a lady like a queen. Some men can be wonderfully inventive, others prefer to be pointed to her heart's desire. 
The best spoils are always the ones we can share: exquisite piece of lingerie for me to slip into and for you to unravel

...a bowl of berries and cream to feed to each other

...a bottle of champagne enjoyed in the tub

...oysters and sashimi slurped up from my naked body


The possibilities are endless. The assortment of indulgences shown on this page should give you an idea of where my tastes lie.

P.S. I am now able to receive letter/parcel delivery by post. For those who like to drop me something in the mail, contact me for my postal address.

*preferred *

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The Gift of Health & Wellness

Pamper me with a day at my favorite spa  

Chill me out with my favorite CBD treats Naturecan  Gift Card

Food for the Soul
If you want to support my resilience fund during this pandemic (in exchange for a bouquet of my tastefully nude and lingerie selfies), you can do me a solid by sending me food vouchers.
Too pedestrian?


When times are tough and budgets tight, the first things sacrificed are non-essential indulgences. Great food and a nice cup of tea is the most consistently reliable way of finding comfort and to taste the world when you are grounded yourself.

Never underestimate the power and sex appeal of literally putting food on someone's table. Nothing says home like a fully stocked pantry and a kitchen supplied with all the instruments of cooking. The way to this woman's heart is through aisles of fresh produce, pots of herbs and spices, buttery pastry and, of course, my favorite ice cream :)  

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COLES E-Gift Card

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(please note, ONLY Amazon Germany & Singapore gift cards are accepted)

Bed me

Accor Hotels UK E-Gift Card E-Gift Card

Airbnb Germany E-Gift Card

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"Do you have a favorite lingerie brand?"

I have favorite pieces, I don't like just one brand. As you can see from my pictures, I favor many different styles from the classic bra and knickers combo to body suits, harnesses, leather and latex, silk and velvet, and lacy see-through nothings. Let your imagination fly, anything you'd like to see me in, it will be my pleasure to model for you.